According to GOGLA, 1 billion people across Africa and Asia, about one in seven people on earth, have no access to electricity. The UNDP’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. Our efforts contribute to reaching the following goals:

Research shows that solar home systems (SHS) do generate economic activity. As much as 58% of households undertake more economic activity due to the SHS systems. In addition, over 10% of solar customers have started a new business, and 7% report acquiring a new job. Furthermore, over 90% of households replacing kerosene lamps, used by millions in the developing world, claim both improved health and feelings of safety. (Source, GOGLA)

SUNami Solar Ltd. offers a solution that provides off-grid electricity to marginalized areas. The solution facilitates access to renewable energy together with income generating appliances, and thereby contribute to creating new jobs, reduce poverty and increase societal inclusion.







Digital Learning


Access to All


Sustainable Solution

SUNami Solar Ltd. combines solar energy with appliance packages to contribute to local income generation and our customers will increase their payment ability with an increased and stable income.

  • Solar panels and batteries of high quality at affordable prices. This assures the solutions last long, and our customers get value for their money.

  • Income generating appliances for customers to utilize electricity to open their own business or expand their existing business, create jobs, and thereby increase their income.

  • Pay-as-you-go (PAYGO) solution where our customer pays a deposit followed by a fixed rate per day, week or month for the electricity. Most potential customers cannot afford to buy a solar system up-front. Therefore, leasing a solar system is a solution that offers more affordable access to the technology to every. The leasing rate is also the down-payment of the solar system - our customers owns the solar system after the re-payment period.

  • In case of non-payment, the system will automatically switch off.

  • Our service team provides free installation and our technical team provides maintenance for our customers to make sure the solutions are installed the best possible way, and monitored in case of failure.


We aim to provide high-end service that not only gives access to solar energy and appliance packages, but also to build awareness and entrepreneurship skills. The purpose of our Digital Learning program is to:

1.    Educate the rural population about income generating opportunities with solar energy

2.    Give dedicated digital entrepreneurship training to our customers



Our qualified team monitor the systems from our headquarters and rapidly fix the system if any failures occur. Once an issue is raised by our customers, one of our technical team members will conduct a troubleshooting or conduct on-site visits if the problem persists.

Some of the maintenance issues commonly conducted include:

1.    Resetting of controllers

2.    Extension services

3.    Bulb replacements

4.    Refill of distilled battery water


Low upfront cost.png

Low Up-Front Cost
Our customers are able to enjoy renewable solar energy at their home or business after an initial deposit is made.


Payment flexibility
Our Pay-as-You-Go (PAYGO) payment model enables our customers to choose the subscription model most suitable for them; on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The payment is made through M-Pesa.


Free installation, service and maintenance
Our customers get installation of the solar panel and close follow-up with our service and maintenance team throughout the subscription period at no cost.


Our customers remain the owner of the solar system and appliance packages after the subscription period has ended.