Our overall objective is to increase the standard of living in highly marginalized off-grid areas through provision of clean and renewable energy. The solution facilitates access to renewable energy together with income generating appliances, and thereby contribute to our customers’ well-being by creating new jobs and reducing poverty.


Households save money with clean and renewable energy from solar power.


Reduce the number of households using kerosene/paraffin as a source to light.


Reduce the CO2 emission from more pollutive alternatives for light.


With our appliance packages we facilitate for the creation of new jobs and businesses in the off-grid areas.


Our Digital Learning program provides training in the productive use of solar energy to generate income.




Kitsao Kalume Kadhengi

Location: Mamba, Mombasa, Kenya
Occupation: Small-scale farmer
SUNami Package: Water pump


Mr. Kadhengi lives in the village of Mamba, in Mombasa, Kenya with his wife and 14 children. His wife is a homemaker and three of his children are still in school. Mr. Kadhengi is the main income provider in his family with his agribusiness. His village has a few services, among them are one kiosk, three water pumps and two phone charging services. The family’s main source of light was kerosene and paraffin.

Before he became one of our customers, he was using a diesel-generator for his water pump irrigation, which often failed due to the high amount of power needed. When the diesel-generator failed, he either bought water from the neighbors or used a rope and container to pull water out of the borehole manually. It eventually came to a point where he realized he needed a more reliant and efficient appliance for his business.

Mr. Kadhengi became a SUNami customer in May 2018 when he got his SUNami water pump installed, and his business has been booming ever since. He is impressed by the capabilities of the solar system. His life has changed significantly since he now can easily get water with the efficient appliance to grow fresh, local vegetables! He pumps water from the borehole and stores the water in the tank. Thereafter, the water flows to the farm from the tank.

His family is also able to enjoy the service of charging their mobile phones in their home and have light in the evenings. His children can now read and do their homework in a healthy environment, and his wife is happy to do housework in the evening.

My life has improved greatly from using SUNami Solar System. I pump enough water, not only for irrigation, but I sell to my neighbors and do not have to worry about dry seasons anymore. I am eagerly waiting to harvest my tomatoes and sell at the market!
— Kitsao Kalume Kadhengi